We are delighted to announce that David Gullasch will join modzero AG as of today. After being in contact with him for many years now, we are confident that his specific skillset is a very enhancing addition to our company.

David bridges the gap between academic and practical information security. He started his career during his studies in Information Systems Engineering at Dresden Technical University. While getting his hands dirty with reverse engineering, code auditing and network security, he also cultivated his proficiency in maths, cryptography and operating system design.
A result of his emphasis on making advanced theory and hands-on practice meet, is the most recent practical side channel attack on AES in common implementations [Gullasch2011] . This clearly demonstrates how powerful the combination of sound abstract theoretical reasoning with intimate practical low-level knowledge are.
While simultaneously holding a position as research assistant and information security analyst, he engaged himself in the assessment of embedded systems, concentrating on reverse engineering and cryptographic evaluations.

Most recently, he has developed novel approaches in malware analysis automation, which intervene on a very low level in the windows operating system kernel. This research is yet to be published.

We are really happy to welcome David on board!

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