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News, Research, Talks & Trainings - A lot of new things happened in 2013. This is somehow the attempt to outline the most noteworthy stuff.

In February we hired Tobi! Tobias Ospelt was previously working with our team as a freelancer, and we decided to contract him directly. He focussed on software- and network-security and is pretty good in breaking your networks :)
You can meet him on Thursday, May 16th 2013 at the Hacking Days Conference in Zurich, Switzerland. Tobi is going to talk at the German speaking Hacking Days in Zurich about "Why IT people fail" covering the daily security hassle for IT people and programmers.

The Internet-sealife's got a new life-form: Die Datenkrake. Thorsten Schroeder of modzero and Dmitry Nedospasov of SecT built a new toolchain for reverse-engineering and hacking hardware & embedded devices. The project will be completely open source and being launched in June 2013 during the REcon Conference in Montreal, Canada. The idea behind the project is to utilize programmable logic in conjunction with an ARM processor to analyse and attack embedded systems and integrated circuits. All I/O wires (there are eight channels with 6 I/O lines) are 5V tolerant (bi-directional) and can be accessed directly via the FPGA. Dmitry and Thorsten developed a 4-day practical training on hacking and analysing hardware. The training will cover everything that is necessary to utilize Die Datenkrake for hacking: Programming ARM microcontrollers (C) and FPGAs (Verilog), logic & hardware 101, passive and active attacks on hardware & busses, using oscilloscopes and other instruments, strategies, etc. The training will be launched at the REcon 2013 Conference in Montreal as well: http://recon.cx/2013/trainingsynple.html.
However, we are planing to let this training happen again in Germany and/or Switzerland at the end of 2013. Contact us, if you are interessted in this training - we also do individual on-site hands-on workshops for your teams.

  • 16th May 2013 - Tobias Ospelt at Hacking Days Zurich, CH: Why IT people fail (more...)
  • 23th May 2013 - Thorsten Schroeder and Dmitry Nedospasov at PHDays in Moscow, RU: Let the Hardware Do All the Work: Adding Programmable Logic to Your Toolbox (more...)
  • 4th June 2013 - Thorsten Schroeder at Kedua Datenschutztag 2013 in Berlin, DE: Death by Comfort - Wenn Alltagsgegenstände zum Datenschutzproblem werden (more...)
  • 17th June 2013 - Thorsten Schroeder and Dmitry Nedospasov at REcon 2013 Trainings in Montreal, CA: Keep It Synple Stupid: Utilizing Programmable Logic for Hardware Reverse-Engineering - a 4-day hands-on training session (more...)
  • 21th June 2013 - Thorsten Schroeder and Dmitry Nedospasov at REcon 2013 Conference in Montreal, CA: Keep your tentacles off my bus, introducing Die Datenkrake (more...)
  • 5th July 2013 - Thorsten Schroeder and Dmitry Nedospasov at SIGINT.CCC.DE in Cologne, DE: Benutze Krake mit Gerät (more...)

Last but not least: modzero now officially also got a German subsidiary - modzero GmbH. modzero GmbH Germany is a privatly held company, founded and owned by Max Moser and Thorsten Schroeder in early 2013 in Berlin.

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