Uncle Kerckhoffs wants YOU!

You're a hacker from the bottom of your heart? You don't mind moving to Berlin or Zurich? We'd like to have a chat with you!

We're currently looking for talented hackers to extend our teams in Berlin and Zurich/Winterthur.

IT-Security Analyst - Generalist with focus on certain in-depth areas

You already have experience, working as IT Security Consultant or managing product security in soft- and hardware manufacturing companies. In addition to a broad knowledge in general IT-security related areas, you also have the vision to deepen your knowledge on specific topics.

The most important skills that are required are the following:

  • Penetration Testing — you know the tools that assists with all sorts of penetration tests, and you know how to read its resulting output.
  • Threat-Modeling and Risk-Assessments — the skill to prepare your tools and targets in a structured manner.
  • Creativity — the skill to spot that thing, that turns an objective into something broken.
  • Reporting — Explain, write and defend your findings. The skill to push the business-value of your other skills. You must be able to perform proper reporting in English or German language.
  • Passion — your personal security deep-dive: a technology or methodology you're focusing on.

In addition to these must-have skills, the following are nice to have:

  • Reverse Engineering — the art of illuminating the dark corners of binary code & data, communication protocols and hardware-solutions.
  • Source Code Assessments in C, C++, C#, Java, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript.
  • Cryptography — it's definitely a super-bonus, if your eyebrow raises when you hear people saying the product is secure because of cryptography. You know how to spot and exploit potential side-channels, and how to properly use certain cryptographic algorithms.

Junior Hacker

If you don't have the business experience of a consultant, we may want you to extend our team as a Junior Security Consultant. If you bring the necessary skills, we may close the gaps, supporting you with specializing on certain areas in the IT security industry.

What do you need?

  • Passion — You bring the vision and we'll help you, turning it into a professional service.
  • Creativity — What could possibly go wrong? You have the idea, already.
  • Patience — Breaking the unbreakable stuff. Your tenacity is the door-opener to the wonderful world of destruction.

... and of course, quite some technological background.

Your tasks

  • Black-/White-/Gray-Box Penetration Tests of networks, services and solutions.
  • Review of software and hardware components in source-code and/or binary form.
  • Threat Analysis along with the individual business-model of our clients.
  • Review of white-papers, architectural- and design-specs and continuous support during the whole Product Development Lifecycle processes.

Our tasks

modzero provides IT security consulting to customers from different civil sections and industries. We reject working on offensive and defensive technologies with military, intelligence, or police investigation. We discuss all governmental inquiries with our colleagues.

This is what we will take care of:

  • You work with a great and open-minded team in Switzerland and Germany.
  • Your time: If you want to work part-time, talk to us.
  • Research — we support your project and your development with research-time.
  • Insights into a broad range of interesting, different industries and technologies.
  • Regular internal company meetups with workshop-program and good food.
  • Salary — we pay for your skills and execute regular, individual interviews on development and expectation of employees.


Please send your application to jobs [at] modzero [dot] ch. Use PGP to sign and encrypt your documents — Find our PGP key right here: https://www.modzero.ch/pgp/jobs_modzero.ch.asc If you'd rather work as a freelancing hired gun, let us know why and don't hesitate to send your resume.

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