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We did it again – the next hacker got hired!

When we started this company, we set ourselves several goals. One of these goals was, to reunite a strong team that worked together previously. We are really proud to say: mission accomplished!

We are happy to announce that by today, Martin Schobert will join the modzero team as a full-time employee! Unlike David, he started his carrier with forward-engineering aka software development. During his time at university, he focused on reverse engineering of digital logic in integrated circuits. He manifested his knowledge of this area in his awarded software project Degate, which is able to automatically match and analyze standard logic cells in integrated circuits as well as PCB wires and vias to reconstructing net lists of PCB layouts. Besides his outstanding skills in hacking and reversing chips & protocols, he is our man for secure software-architecture, source-code development & review.

Welcome, Martin! Let’s break stuff! :-)

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